Who We Are - Sisters at the Shore Prayer

Visionary and Founder

Thayer Ebron-Barkley

The Elders - Sisters at the Shore.png
Elder 2.JPG

Ms. Cynthia Griffin

Toni Parker-Johnson Sisters at the Shore

Toni "Seeing Hawk" Parker-Johnson

Mary Gomes

Sisters at the Shore Founding Members Pr

Director of Hospitality and Human Needs

Lisa Jones-Mendenhall


Mamie Mayes

Barbara Puchet-Griffin - Treasurer.jpeg


Barbara Pouchet-Griffin

Asst. Treasurer

Donna Stewart-Eagles 

Director of Marketing

Vicki Wittenstein-Robinson

Asst. Secretary

Allison Harris

Elizabeth Garcia

Aldonna "Snowflake" P. Powell

Sandy Jenkins

Tori D. Luckey Walker

Alonda T. Powell-Johnson "Bear Woman Snowbird" Clan Mother

Tracy Tutt-Smith

Director of Ambassadors

Ramona Treadwell

Anita Tinney


Cheryle Butler

Robin Ings

Sharyn L. Grant

Core of Four at the West Haven Shore SAT

Ambassador in Maine

Amy Cyr

Ambassador in Stamford, CT

Tyra Orr