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Our Beginning

Water is the driving force meme_edited.j

On Sept. 28, 2020, Thayer Barkley posted a question on Facebook: "How many women can't sleep lately and find that they awaken between the hours of 3am and 5:00 am? I think our restlessness is a call to prayer and action. Any thoughts or am I the only one?"


Less than a week later, set in motion by Thayer's post, the Sisters At The Shore was born, with the first gathering taking place on Oct. 4 at Seaside Park in Bridgeport, CT. Women were invited to attend, to stand or bring a chair along with a journal and a friend and to leave their phones on silent, as it was a time for reflection and prayer. Prayers for yourself, your family, your city, your state, our nation and our world were lifted UP!  Beautiful women coming together and standing for peace, love and healing. We pray for victims of gun violence, trauma, abuse and homelessness. RAIN OR SHINE, BECAUSE IT'S PRAYING TIME!


Lastly, Sisters At The Shore is a vision of its founder, Thayer, and grew by the collaborative, creative and supportive effort of its very first members, who came to the shore one invite at a time. The SATS all share a passion of prayer, love, healing, sisterhood, community and growth. 

Why meet at the Water?

Mni Wiconi means Water is life

Nature is healing. We strive to encourage, support, uplift, and motivate each other.  We are introducing Nature as an outlet to reduce stress in our daily lives, while also providing a support group. 

Since our inception, we have evolved to start offering workshops on Gun Violence, Domestic Violence and Suicide Prevention and beyond.  Through our comprehensive workshops, we provide essential education, resources, and support to underserved communities. By fostering dialogue, and teaching coping skills and conflict resolution, we strive to create safer, more harmonious environments for all.  


We welcome men and women from all walks of life, setting aside religious beliefs and nationalities.  Our common denominator is Love and our collective passion is to pray for one another, our communities and the Nation(s).  We encourage everyone to take time out to be silent before the Water as MNI WICONI (Water is Life) which is a reoccurring phrase you will hear often in our dialogues.  We invite you to join us at the Shore, as we know that our Prayers are changing the atmosphere one person at a time. 

Mni Wiconi Sisters at the Shore beach pr
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