Our Beginning

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It was started by a post from Thayer Barkley, on September 28, 2020. I posed a question to the women on my FaceBook page. The question was "How many women can't sleep lately and find that they awaken between the hours of 3:00am and 5:00am? I think our restlessness is a call to prayer and action. Any thoughts or am I the only one?"


On September 29th, I posted "This Sunday, Women will gather at Seaside Park in Bridgeport, CT to Pray in Silence from 9:00am sharp (for 20 minutes). We will stand or sit in support each other. We will start off in front of the monument and spread out 6 feet apart to hopefully cover the whole coastline of the park. If you are unable to stand, bring a chair and sit. Leave your phones on silent as this will be a time of reflection and prayer. Bring a journal and write down your thoughts if you are led to. It's time to Seek Help for yourself, Your Family, Our City, Our State, Our Nation and Our World. Please share or invite a friend. It is time to tap into our Female Wisdom and Energy and then figure out our next steps. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions prior to Sunday.  The plan is to Breathe In and Release together as one. There will not be any Speakers. We are coming to together as Women Standing For Peace and Love. RAIN OR SHINE, BECAUSE IT'S PRAYING TIME.


My post on 10/4 read: Great Rising! Today is the day Women will gather to Silently Pray for PEACE. Meet us at Seaside Park at 8:45 am to stand or sit (bring a chair, a journal and a pen) and please sit 6 feet apart for 20 minutes. We start at (9:00 am to 9:20am).


It will be pretty chilly so bring your coffee, tea and maybe a blanket to wrap yourself in. Water is Healing! Water is LIFE! This is a different type of call to action. It's a different type of call to prayer, right now I hope and pray to see you there!


To my amazement the call was answered by our Founding Members, Vicki Robinson, Tracy Tutt-Smith, Lisa Jones-Mendenhall, Barbara Pouchet-Griffin, Mamie Mayes, Sandy Jenkins, Our Elder, Ms. Cynthia Griffin, Wanda Simmons, Aldonna and Alonda Powell, Donna Stewart Eagles just to name a few.


The name Sisters At the Shore (SATS)

was created by Lisa Jones Mendenhall, along with the suggestion to create Sweatshirts which were designed and printed by Vicki Robinson.


As we started to grow, I realized that we needed a Facebook page which I created on 11/1/20. With it's creation invites were going out and we started growing by leaps and bounds due to the excitement of members of SATS.