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Prayer, Unity, and Peace

Our world needs healing. Through nature, community, and intentful prayer, sisters from all walks of life are meeting weekly at the shore nearest them to inspire change through love. 

Our Mission

Our Mission is to empower Women, Men and Families while Healing Communities, Bridging Faith and Action. 

Our Vision 

We are dedicated to creating a world where the sacred act of prayer meets the urgent need for healing and safety in our communities. Our mission is twofold: to honor the ancient tradition of connecting with the divine through water, and to address the pressing issue of gun violence in underserved communities. 

We believe that by uniting in prayer at the water's edge, we tap into a timeless source of strength, resilience, and renewal. Our gatherings serve as a beacon of hope, inspiring women and men to harness their inner power and advocate for positive change in the world.


Simultaneously, we recognize the devastating impact of gun violence on the most vulnerable among us. Through our comprehensive workshops, we provide essential education, resources, and support to underserved communities. By fostering dialogue, and teaching coping skills and conflict resolution, we strive to create safer, more harmonious environments for all.


Our commitment extends beyond prayer and workshops; we actively collaborate with local organizations and policymakers to effect systemic change. We advocate for policies that prioritize community safety and support survivors of gun violence, domestic violence and suicide prevention and beyond.


Join us in this sacred journey towards empowerment, healing, and transformation. Together, we can be a force for positive change, nurturing a world where every woman, man and child and every community can thrive in peace and harmony. 

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