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By Togetherness, Nature, Strength

Our world needs healing. Through nature, community, and intentful prayer, sisters from all walks of life are meeting weekly at the shore nearest them to inspire change through love. 

Why meet at the Water?

Mni Wiconi means Water is life

Nature is healing. We strive to encourage, support, uplift, and motivate each other.  We are introducing Nature as an outlet to reduce stress in our daily lives, while also providing a support group through the usage of daily postings of beautiful pictures and videos which in turn provide comfort, hope and understanding the importance of our roles within our communities.

Sisters At The Shore (SATS) was established from a vision by Thayer Ebron-Barkley in late September, 2020.  We are a group of women who gather every Sunday Morning from 9:00 am to 9:20 am to Silently Pray for Peace and Love for one another.  SATS has over 1.2K Sisters around the Country and in Canada, Germany, Ghana, Nigeria and the Philippines and the numbers are increasing daily. 

We welcome Sisters from all walks of life, setting aside religious beliefs and nationalities.  Our common denominator is Love and our collective passion to pray for one another, our Communities and the Nation(s).  We encourage Sisters to take time out to be silent before the Water as MNI WICONI (Water is Life) which is a reoccurring phrase you will hear often in our dialogues.  We invite all Sisters to join us at the Shore, as we know that our Prayers are changing the atmosphere one Sister at a Time.
Mni Wiconi Sisters at the Shore beach pr
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